Universal Buffer Tube Mount (UBTM)

$26.99 - $94.99
Universal Buffer Tube Mount (UBTM)

Universal Buffer Tube Mount (UBTM)

The Universal Buffer Tube Mount (UBTM) is your go-to solution for securely storing any firearm with an AR15 style buffer tube. Perfect for your home, office, or workshop.


Our mount is ready for all milspec AR style buffer tubes, including AR-15, AR-10, and AR-9. It gives your firearm a snug fit and is compatible with most cable locks for an extra layer of safety.

Built Tough

The UBTM is made from sturdy, heat-resistant Carbon Fiber PETG. We put quality first and use cutting-edge techniques to build mounts that match your needs perfectly.

Easy Setup

Keeping it simple is our motto. We provide a stainless steel quick-release pin and three black 3-inch wood screws (only two needed for install, but we've got you covered with an extra). Position your rifle either left or right - just follow the provided guide. For added safety, use the included safety pin (recommended).


The UBTM is perfect for any spot you need to keep your gun secure and within reach. It's also great for showcasing your prized collection.

What You Get

1x Wall mount
3x Black 3-inch wood screws
1x Stainless Steel Quick-Release Pin

Note: The "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" tag isn't included in the base package. If you want it, just pick the right option when you order.

Choose the Universal Buffer Tube Mount (UBTM) for a strong, reliable, and adaptable wall mount.

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  • Without “REMOVE BEFORE FIGHT” tag
    23 available 100%
    13 available 76%
  • Without “REMOVE BEFORE FIGHT” tag (3 Pack)
    1 available 100%
  • With “REMOVE BEFORE FIGHT” tag (3 Pack)
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